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The Management Board of the Forss House Fishings Association

The Association was founded to provide a constituted body to manage the fishery on behalf of its owners who have given its elected Board the authority to do so in compliance with the rules set out in the timeshare’s Deed of Trust.

The Constitution of the Association defines the duties and responsibilities of the Board.

The ethos of the Association is to have the fishery operated as a non-profit making club and in accordance with the owners’ wishes.

The Board has five elected members. With effect from December 2021 these elected members are:

Hugo Cubitt

I love to desing

Chairman and responsible for legal matters, the Constitution and data protection.
Ben Trimble
Accounts, Budgets and website

Responsible for Accounts, Budgets and website.
Chris Kenny
Fishery Insurance and projects

Responsible for the Fishery Insurance and projects.
David Bell
Supervision of the River Superintendent

Responsible for supervision of the River Superintendent.
Chris Clarke
Fishery's property and facilities.

Responsible for the management of the fishery's property and facilities.