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Rod Valuations

The Forss River is a typical Highland spate river and this is reflected in the yearly variations in the catch records for any given week, something which should always be borne in mind when determining the value of the rod to be sold.

A figure of £5,000 per fish is frequently used as a basis on which to determine the value of a rod with the larger, more prolific rivers commanding much higher values.

Given that the Forss River is small and to some extent less attractive that its bigger neighbours, the value of a rod might sit more realistically at somewhere between £3,500 and £4,000 per fish and is for the seller to consider along with all the other factors affecting the rod to be sold.

It is worth remembering that the value of a rod may not necessarily be the sale price.

  • Rod value calculations are usually based on the 5 year average see Current Statistics with the simplest formula being:
  • Value of the fish x 5 year average ÷ Number of rods (either 4 or 8 depending on whether a spring or summer rod)

Rod transfer and sale procedure

Rods for sale may be advertised free of charge on the Forss House Fishings website or, if preferred, via private arrangements. See Rods for Sale below.

The procedures set out below must be followed when selling your rod or transferring it to a new owner. Your Annual Management Charge must also have been paid before any sale or transfer action can be taken.

  • Owners wishing to sell or transfer ownership of their rod(s) should inform the Administrator who will confirm the current charges for transfer and re-registration. The Administrator will forward to the Seller a set of transfer/sale forms (Parts One) for completion.
  • o transfer ownership, Part One has to be completed and witnessed by both the seller [Assignor] and buyer [Assignee]. The Seller completes his/her section of the form and then returns it to the Administrator together with their Owner’s Certificate (which can be usually found as Part Four of their Deed of Trust Schedule) together with a cheque for £50 per rod payable to ‘Forss House Fishings’ as sales administration fee. The Administrator then sends Parts One & Two to the Buyer for completion and witnessing.
  • The Buyer prepares a cheque for the purchase price of the Rod(s), made payable to the Seller, and sends it with the completed forms to the Administrator, who will forward the purchase cheque to the Seller once all paperwork has been checked and the new ownership has been registered with the Trustee.
  • Upon receipt of the above documents the Administrator records the change of ownership in the Fishery Records and creates the new Owner's Certificates from the information in Part 2 and prepares two copies of the Certificates.
  • The Administrator sends two copies of the new Owners Certificate, The Sellers Owners Certificate and the completed Parts 1 and 2 to the Trustees for registration
  • After endorsement by the Trustees one of the New Owners Certificates is returned to the Administrator who forwards it to the new owner together with copies of the Deed of Trust and Schedule.

Rod Rents

The renting of rods is solely a matter for the owner of the rod at a price to be agreed with the person renting the rod. As a guide, rods are usually let at a rental which covers the Annual Management Charge for the week concerned with, perhaps, a small additional sum for the rod owner.

Rods for rent may be advertised free of charge on Rods for Rent below or, if preferred, via private arrangements such as FishPal at

All owners who rent their rod(s) are responsible for briefing the person renting the rod on the relevant conditions and requirements set out in the Code of Practice and for notifying the River Superintendent accordingly. See Code of Practice in ABOUT FORSS Page

The following rods are for sale


Enquiries should be made to Victoria Ross, Fishings Administrator.

Rod Week Date Commencing No. of Rods Information Price Contact Details
1-5 Various dates from 20 February 2023 - until 27 March 2023 Various These are the early weeks on the river and these rods have never been sold. If you would like any more information - please contact the Administrator. offers The Administrator 01847 861 350
9 17 April 2023 1 On Request POA Clive Hooker 07798 920 981
14 23 May 2023 1 On Request £750 Morven Coghill 01955 604 879 07761 244 936
15 29 May 2023 1 On Request £2000 The Administrator 01847 861360
16 05 June 2023 2 On Request On Request The Administrator 01847 861 360
18 20 June 2022 2 On Request POA The Administrator 01847 861 360
21 11 July 2022 1 On Request £4000 The Administrator 01847 861360
26 15 August 2022 1 On Request £3000 ono The Administrator 01847 861360
27 22 August 2022 1 On Request £3000 ono The Administrator 01847 861360
33 4 October 2021 1 On Request £5500 The Administrator 01847 861360
34 11 October 2021 1 On Request £2500 The Administrator 01847 861 360

Weekly rods for rent


The Forss salmon fishing season is from late March to mid October. From time to time during the season, some owners may occasionally be unable to fish their weeks, which may then become available for rent. Rents for less than a week are not available.

You will enjoy one of the most attractive rivers in the north Highlands, from the productive Sea Pool through the Forss strath to the stunning Falls Pool and onwards through the meandering marshlands of the upper beats. The four Two Rod Beats are fished in rotation on a daily basis.

The visiting angler, whatever his needs, will find a variety of good holiday accommodation throughout Caithness. Within a short distance of the river, there is a good selection of self-catering holiday cottages, B & Bs, guest houses and hotels. A four star country house hotel overlooks Beat 2 of the river.

Current availability and costs of rod weeks for rent are shown below.

Current availability and costs of rod weeks for rent are shown below.

Owners must ensure that both the River Superintendent and the Administrator are advised if a rod week is let and provide the name and contact details of the person renting the rod(s). Otherwise, the River Superintendent may ask them to leave the river.

Owners may also wish to consider advertising their rod(s) for rent via FishPal at

Week Number Week Commencing No of Rods available Cost of let per Rod per Week Contact
26 15.8.22 2 £250 each rod The Administrator 07719690110
26 1 15.8.22 (5 days available) £50 each day The Administrator 07719690110
27 22.8.22 4 £250 each rod The Administrator 07719690110
33 3.10.22 1 £280 The Administrator 07719690110
34 10.10.22 1 £150 The Administrator 07719690110