The Forss House Fishings

by Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

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The Forss River Fishing Guide and General Fishing Regulations


The extent of the Timeshare's water is approximately 3.5 miles from Stemster Bridge to the estuary at Crosskirk Bay and it is split into four beats (two above the Forss road bridge (A836) and two below). Fishing is permitted from sunrise to dusk Monday to Saturday inclusive. Sunday fishing is not permitted. The Forss is a fly-only river; only in exceptional circumstances will the River Superintendent consider requests to relax this rule. Only two rods may be fished on any one beat at a time. There is a voluntary catch and release policy but rods should be aware that it is now illegal to kill any salmon by rod and line or nets before 1st April. (If there is an accidental killing of a fish, the law stipulates that it must be returned to the river). 


The Fishery operates under a Deed of Trust. The Manager appointed under the Deed of Trust is vested in the day to day management of the Fishery and has very wide and exclusive powers in this regard. In 2013 The Forss House Fishings Association was formed by an ordinary resolution at a meeting of owners held under the Deed of Trust. The majority of owners are members of the Association and all owners are entitled, and recommended, to be members. The Association is run by a management board comprising five owners each elected to the board for a two year term. By special resolution at a meeting of owners held under the Deed of Trust the management board of the new Association was appointed the Manager under the Deed of Trust with effect from 8 December 2013. Prospective purchasers of rods are recommended to examine the Deed of Trust and the constitution of the Association (copies of which may be obtained from the Fishery Administrator) prior to purchase. 

Day to Day River Management 

The Association's board as the Manager under the Deed of Trust has contracted out certain aspects of the Manager's functions. There are two principal contractors, who, operating in concert, effectively manage the day to day running of the Fishery. The River Superintendent attends to all aspects of the fishing and maintenance and the Fishery Administrator looks after financial and other administrative matters. They work under the direction of the board as Manager under the Deed of Trust. It is essential that any issues of concern are raised initially with the Administrator who will in turn refer it to a member of the board.

The River Superintendent is: John Speirs and the Fishery Administrator is: Victoria Ross. To contact go to "Contact Us"

Annual Maintenance Charge 

There is an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) payable each year. The AMC is set by the board as Manager under the Deed of Trust and is payable by 31 January .The AMCs for the 2021 season are £260 per rod (weeks 1-12.inclusive) and £280 per rod (weeks 13-34 inclusive). The lower charge for weeks 1-12 reflects the fact that rods in these weeks do not fish beats 3 and 4 and should therefore not be responsible for certain maintenance costs relating to these beats.


Dogs are presently allowed within the grounds of the Forss House Hotel and that part of the right riverbank ex adverso the hotel grounds. Dogs are not allowed on beat 4. Dogs are allowed on most other parts of the river provided they are kept on a lead at all times; the Fishery Administrator will provide full details on request. 

Tackle shops 

There are two tackle shops in Caithness: Harpers in Thurso and Hugo Ross in Wick. 

Trout fishing 

The River Superintendent can point owners in the right direction with regard to the availability of trout fishing on local lochs. 

Web site 

The main method of communicating with owners and visitors is via this web site which has been revised to make it as convenient, comprehensive and attractive as possible. It is hoped that you will find it both helpful and informative.