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The Management Board of the Forss House Fishings Association

The Board has five elected members. With effect from 6th January 2018, the elected Board Members comprise
Gavin Anderson   Chairman and responsible for legal matters, including the Constitution and Data Protection.  Gavin is a Trustee of the Bare Trust and provides our link with the Bare Trust.


Mike Potts Responsible for Accounts, Budgets and administration affairs.  


Colin Liddell Responsible for Insurance matters.
Allan Graham Responsible for the Website and liaison with Silverweb.  

Michael Wycherley Supervises the activities of the River Superintendent.  Michael is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the fishery’s property and facilities

The Association was founded to provide a constituted body to manage the fishery on behalf of its owners, who have given its elected Board the authority to do so in compliance with the rules set out in the timeshare’s Deed of Trust.  

The Constitution of the Association defines the duties and responsibilities of the Board.

The ethos of the Association is to have the fishery operated as a non-profit making club and in accordance with owners’ wishes.

 25th November 2017