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Rod transfer and sale procedure

Rods for sale may be advertised free of charge on the Forss House Fishings website or, if preferred, via private arrangements.
See  Rods for Sale

The procedures set out below must be followed when selling your rod or transferring it to a new owner. Your Annual Management Charge must also have been paid before any sale or transfer action can be taken.

  1. Owners wishing to sell or transfer ownership of their rod(s) should inform the Administrator who will confirm the current charges for transfer and re-registration. The Administrator will forward to the Seller a set of transfer/sale forms (Parts One) for completion.
  1. To transfer ownership, Part One has to be completed and witnessed by both the seller [Assignor] and buyer [Assignee]. The Seller completes his/her section of the form and then returns it to the Administrator together with their Owner’s Certificate (which can be usually found as Part Four of their Deed of Trust Schedule) together with a cheque for £50 per rod payable to ‘Forss House Fishings’ as sales administration fee. The Administrator then sends Parts One & Two to the Buyer for completion and witnessing.
  1. The Buyer prepares a cheque for the purchase price of the Rod(s), made payable to the Seller, and sends it with the completed forms and the under- noted cheque to the Administrator, who will forward the purchase cheque to the Seller once all paperwork has been checked and the new ownership has been registered with the Trustee.
  1. The Buyer also encloses a cheque for £50 + 20% VAT = £60 (Jan 2011) with the above to the Administrator, payable to “The Clydesdale Bank plc” (the Trustee) as the fee for registering the new ownership.
  1. Upon receipt of the above documents, The Administrator records the change of ownership in the Fishery Records and creates the new Owner’s Certificates from the information in Part 2 and prepares two copies of the Certificate.
  1. The Administrator sends the two copies of the new Owner’s Certificate, the Seller’s Owner’s Certificate, the completed Parts 1 and 2 and the registration fee to the Trustee for registration.
  1. The Trustee endorses and returns one of the new Ownership Certificates to the Administrator, who forwards it to the new Owner together with a copy of the ‘Deed of Trust’ and ‘Schedule’.