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Rod Valuations and Rents


Rod Valuations 

The Forss River is a typical Highland spate river and this is reflected in the yearly variations in the catch records for any given week, something which should always be borne in mind when determining the value of the rod to be sold.  

A figure of £5,000 per fish is frequently used as a basis on which to determine the value of a rod with the larger, more prolific rivers commanding much higher values. Given that the Forss River is small and to some extent less attractive that its bigger neighbours, the value of a rod might sit more realistically at somewhere between £3,500 and £4,000 per fish and is for the seller to consider along with all the other factors affecting the rod to be sold. It is worth remembering that the value of a rod may not necessarily be the sale price. 

Rod value calculations are usually based on the 5 year average see Current Statistics with the simplest formula being:

Value of the fish x 5 year average ÷  Number of rods (either 4 or 8 depending on whether a spring or summer rod)

For details of the rod sales process, please see Rods Sales and Transfers


Rod Rents 

The renting of rods is solely a matter for the owner of the rod at a price to be agreed with the person renting the rod. As a guide, rods are usually let at a rental which covers the Annual Management Charge for the week concerned with, perhaps, a small additional sum for the rod owner. 

Rods for rent may be advertised free of charge on the Forss House Fishings website see Rods for Rent or, if preferred, via private arrangements such as FishPal at

All owners who rent their rod(s) are responsible for briefing the person renting the rod on the relevant conditions and requirements set out in the Code of Practice and for notifying the River Superintendent accordingly. See Code of Practice