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by Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

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Catch & Release Recommendations 2019

Owners are urged to examine carefully revised subsection 8 of the fishery’s Code of Practice and to comply with the recommendations therein.



Old Pulteney Best Fish Prize 2018

The prize for the heaviest fish landed in 2018 will be awarded to Mike Adams for his 18 pounder from Falls Pool on 1 October in Week 33.

Old Pulteney Prize 2018

The winner of the prize for the first clean fish to be caught and returned safely is Ruth Dudgeon.  Her 9lb fish was caught in Brogie on 2 April and the photograph shows Ruth with her bottle of Old Pulteney and River Superintendent David Holmes.

Prize winner



FlysFlys for Sale

We now have flys of various patterns/sizes available to buy at the bothy.

The flys were tied by Pat Nicol (Thurso River Ghillie expert and fly tyer). They vary in price from £2 to £2.70 each.








 Important New Legislation 

All rods should be aware that it is now illegal, under the Conservation of Salmon (Annual Close Times and Catch and Release) (Scotland) Regulations, which came into force on 9th January, to kill any salmon, by rod and line or nets, before 1st April.  

Further information is available at: 

If there is an accidental killing of a fish, the act stipulates that it must be “returned to the river”.

The Wild Fisheries Review (WFR) Proposed New Legislation 

The report of the independent Wild Fisheries Review (WFR), was published in October 2014. It makes 53 wide ranging, and some would say draconian, recommendations for change to the management system for wild fisheries in Scotland.  

The full report is available on:

The most important of the recommended changes are the introduction of a new central, and clearly expensive, bureaucratic system of management boards, a ban on the killing of wild salmon except under licence, the introduction of an advance licensing system for the catching and killing of salmon and the tagging of killed fish. There are many others.

They are set out in detail on:

Consultation on the Proposed New Legislation

The Scottish Government has committed to consult in Spring 2015 on broad policy options for a new fisheries management system followed by further consultation on a draft wild fisheries bill before the end of the Parliamentary session.

 Details of this consultation process are set out in a document entitled “Consultation on proposed conservation measures to introduce a licensing system for killing wild salmon in Scotland”. It isavailable on:

Rod owners are encouraged to make their own views known via the consultation process.