The Forss House Fishings

by Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

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Weekly rods for rent

The Forss salmon fishing season is from late March to mid October. From time to time during the season, some owners may occasionally be unable to fish their weeks, which may then become available for rent. Rents for less than a week are not available.

You will enjoy one of the most attractive rivers in the north Highlands, from the productive Sea Pool through the Forss strath to the stunning Falls Pool and onwards through the meandering marshlands of the upper beats. The four Two Rod Beats are fished in rotation on a daily basis.

The visiting angler, whatever his needs, will find a variety of good holiday accommodation throughout Caithness. Within a short distance of the river, there is a good selection of self-catering holiday cottages, B & Bs, guest houses and hotels.  A four star country house hotel overlooks Beat 2 of the river. See Places to Stay.

Current availability and costs of rod weeks for rent are shown below.

For the very latest information, please contact the River Superintendent, John Speirs or Victoria Ross, the Administrator. See Contact Us for details.

Owners must ensure that both the River Superintendent and the Administrator are advised if a rod week is let and provide the name and contact details of the person renting the rod(s). Otherwise, the River Superintendent may ask them to leave the river.

Owners may also wish to consider advertising their rod(s) for rent via FishPal at


Week Number Week
No of Rods available Cost of let
per Rod per Week
18 19.6.22 2

£250 each rod

or offers

The Administrator


19 27.6.22 1 £280 

The Administrator


27 22.8.22 4 £250 each rod

The Administrator


33 3.10.22 1 £280

The Administrator




Weekly Rods Wanted

Week Number Week
No. of Rods wanted Enquirer Contact Details



See ‘Forss Almanac’ for week numbers and their associated dates.