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Superintendent's Scrapbook 

 The first fish came to the rod of Mr. Peter MacGregor​​ on the rock pool on 8th June 2020. It weighed in at 3lbs and took an inch and a half cascade cone head. The river was running at about two feet and the overheads were very bright. Two other fish were lost during the day.

On 9th June Jamie MacGregor​​ and Gordon's Haggart both caught fish around the 9lb mark in the Falls Pool,  using a similar cascade (inch and a half) and a good old gold bodied Willie Gunn. Both fish caught before 10am

 Red Robertson had a 3lb fish off the Falls pool this morning 10/6/20. Water was running at a foot on the gauge behind the hotel, water temp was 11 degrees centigrade or 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The fly was a home tied hot orange cone head about an inch and a half.

Peter MacGregor​​ had a 5lbs fish off the Sea Pool.


Weather over cast with light rain air temp 13 degrees, light SE wind

David Bell also caught a fish which was unfortunately diseased.


Peter MacGregor​​ caught a 10 lbs fresh fish off the Falls Pool  12/6/20. River 9 inches weather misty start, overcast, sun threatening to break through light wind from a variable easterly direction

13/6/20, weather overcast, warm 15 degrees, very light easterly winds and humid. River height between 7 & 8 inches, temperature 12/55 degrees.


Peter MacGregor being presented with his prize for landing the first fish (at a social distance), well done Peter


A total of 7 fish caught this week ranging from 10lbs to 3lbs, all caught on similar flies, cascade or Willie gunn. The river started the week at 2' and is now running at about 7".  The weather has varied between bright sunshine and humid misty conditions. A good solid effort by all the anglers involved with varying degrees of success

15/6/20 .After a misty start the sun broke though to provide a very bright day with temperatures in the low twenties. The river has dropped to 6" and the temperature is now 14 degrees. There are more signs of diseased fish now the river has dropped. John Blake lost a fish in the mid teens at the Falls Pool. 

16/6/20 - Overcast, light winds from SSE, later became very bright. Water down to a hopeful 5" and has increased in temperature to 15 degrees. Still the odd fresh fish showing but none are being tempted. Plenty of signs of trout rising to may fly some of a reasonable size

17/06/20 overcast, very light wind from a northerly direction, air temp 14 degrees. The sun is threatening to break through and the air temperature is rising. The sun eventually broke through about two o'clock and the temperature rose

I take the water temperatures when I arrive for work so it will rise during the day. The water temperature is 15 degrees at present and the height is about 4". So far this week no fish have been tempted.  There are a few fish in the Falls Pool showing signs of disease, but all seem to be quite active. With the recent rise in the river, the disease has been less obvious but since the river has dropped back we are starting to see a few fish affected. 

18/6/20 Another very bright day, with temperatures reaching the low twenties, the wind was light and from the NE , The river is down to 4" and the temperature is now 16 degrees. At the time of writing no fish have been reported however, despite the conditions, some anglers have come out and fish have been seen. On speaking to James May, the Gamekeeper at Shurrery, he states that  fresh fish have been seen in the loch. The first mortality, since the spate, I can definitely attribute to disease was found in the Long Pool, it had been  good cock fish about 12lbs. Another fish had been reported to Alan Youngson, nearer the sea, but this may have been an otter kill I saw the other day. Photographs of the dead fish and some of the diseased fish have been forwarded to the Fish Health Inspectorate who are collating the incidents.  

19/6/20-Weather, overcast,  air temperature 17 degrees,  wind light from SE.  River running at 4"  water temperature 16 degrees. Fish were seen in the Sea Pool. There were a further 7 dead fish founding the river all showing signs of the disease. I also found a dead trout which although it had fungus on it did not show the other signs of the disease. 

20/6/20-Weather, high cloud, bright, air temperature 17 degrees, wind from the NW light to moderate. River running about 3" at a temperature of 16 degrees. Fish were seen in the Sea Pool, Hut Pool and leans refreshing to see that some did not appear to have the disease.

Week 19

22/6/20 After some heavy thundery showers yesterday, the river has risen to 4" and the river temperature has dropped to 14 degrees. There is a moderate to fresh southerly wind and it is overcast making it feel a cool 15 degrees. Eight dead fish were found between the Corner Pool and the Falls Pool. Seven were in the 8-10lb and one was a grilse possibly 3 or 4lbs. FHI and Allan Youngson CSFB have been informed.

23/6/20 Water height 4" temperature 15 degrees. Air temp 15 degrees cloudy with bright spells wind from a northerly direction fresh. Later southerly.

24/6/20 Water height 4"  temperature 16 degrees. Air temperature 18 degrees overcast, sometimes bright and the odd light shower. The wind is light and variable northerly going westerly. Later on going easterly.

25/6/20 Water height between 3&4" temperature 17 degrees. Winds eastern and light, overcast with a temperature of 18 degrees climbing to 22 degrees with humid conditions.

26/6.20 Water height 3-4" temperature signsgrees. Winds moderate to fresh from a southerly direction. Misty start then bright with light showers air temperature 18 degrees climbing to low twenties Grilse seen in the bay and the river.

27/6/20 Thundery showers to start with still humid, moderate to fresh SE window, then cloudy with bright spells and a few showers. The temperature was in the low high teens. The river was still at the same height and a temperature of 16 degrees. 

Week 20

29/6/20 Despite the rain over the last few days, the river is still under 4", with a temperature of 16 degrees. At present the wind is non existent, it is overcast withe Tue threat of showers and an air temperature of 14 degrees. The wind picked up as the day progressed from a northerly direction and the river rose to 6".

30/6/20 The river failed to hold any water as it has dropped back to 4/5",  the water temperature is about 16 degrees. It is overcast with light to moderate northerly winds, the air temperature is about 14 degrees. Some local rods were fishing with no results reported. Nothing was landed but a grilse was on long enough for the weight to be felt.

1/7/20 The river is holding between 4&5",  the water temperature is 16 degrees.  Air temperature is 12 degrees,  overcast with bright spells there was a light to. moderate northerly wind. Still no results from the angler.

2/7/20 The river is just under 4" with a temperature of 16 degrees, the weather is overcast with moderate north westerly winds and presently 11 degrees. Still no fish reported.

3/7/20 The river is under 4" with a temperature of 16 degrees. The weather is overcast, a cool,fresh 13 degrees with a south easterly moderate breeze. Still no reports of anything being caught but grilse are still evident in the bay, with some entering the river. Its raining, been raining for a few hours now, let it come.

4/7/20 The river is at 4" and rising, still more rain to come, the temperature is 14 degrees. The weather is overcast with showers and light winds hopefully the showers will not he going though too quickly. The air temperature is about 12 degrees and feeling cool. There are still grilse showing in the bay and lower pools of the river.

Week 21

6/7/20 The river is running at 14" and rising, with a temperature of 13 degrees. There is a string northerly wind with a temperature of 11 degrees but it feels cool, it is also overcast with more showers forecast. Hopefully there will be some action this week. Mike Wycherley and John Blake both had a bit of action but did not back either fish. There were fish seen running the falls as well.

 07/07/20 the river is holding about 13 degrees and risen to 17" there was more rain overnight. It is overcast with a fresh northwesterly wind and a temperature of 11 degrees. Mike Wycherley has just landed a nice clean grilse between 4&5lbs from the Falls Pool. He later lost another fish considerably bigger in the same pool. The weather brightened as the day progressed. There were other anglers out but as yet nothing further has been reported


 08/07/20 The river was running at 10" with a temperature of 16 degrees. The air temperature of 13 degrees bright sunshine with light to moderate north westerly winds. The wind gradually worked Round to the north east. Fish were seen in the bay, leans area and at the falls.  A fish was lost in the Falls Pool and several other offers were made with no result

08/07/20 The river is running at over 8"  with a temperature of  16 degrees, the air temperature is 13 degrees and the wind at present is nonexistent. It is presently overcast but there is the threat of the sun breaking through. Fish have been seen at the top of the Sea Pool.