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Weekly Fishing Reports 2020

 Week 16 saw a mixed bag of weather starting with temperatures in the mid twenties with strong winds which dripped away to nothing.  The river was running at about 2 inches and there were signs of a recurrence of the disease, with a number of fish showing signs and a few mortalities. About midweek the weather cooled quite dramatically with strong winds and hail showers, the air temperature dropped about 15 degrees. There were some strong winds and the heavens opened, with the river running at over two feet by the weekend. The water temperature also dropped from by about 5 degrees centigrade. Mr. House made a valiant effort but failed to bank any fish. During the week he reported he saw a otters on eight occasions.


Week 17- 8/6/20 started with bright sunshine and blue sky's with light winds. Depending on which marker was used the river height varied between 21 inches and 3 feet. Mr. Peter MacGregor​​ managed to bank the first fish of the season a grilse of 3lbs from the Rock Pool. There were another four anglers out, who between them lost a further two fish. 

9/6/20 Two fish were banked on Tuesday both about 9lbs, from the Falls Pool by Mr. Jamie MacGregor​​ and Gordon Haggart. One of these fish was a bleeder and kept. The weather was overcast with a the occasional light shower. The river had dropped to about 16 inches, the water temperature was 11 degrees/54 Fahrenheit. There were a number of fish seen running. With the additional water any diseased fish were not so obvious.

10/6/20 Red Robertson banked a 3lb fish in the Falls Pool on 10/6/20. The river was running at a foot with a water temperature of 11 degrees. Peter MacGregor caught a 5lb fish in the Sea Pool. David Bell caught a diseased fish about 6pm on the Sea Pool. This fish was was chapped and returned to the sea. The weather was overcast with a light wind gradually strengthening from the south east.

No fish were caught on the 11th June

Peter MacGregor​​ caught  10lbs fish from the Falls Pool on 12th June. The weather was overcast with very light drizzly rain occasionally hand light easterly winds.

13th June the weather was overcast and very warm. The river was running between 7 and 8 inches but no fish were tempted

 A total of 7 fish were caught over week 17, ranging from 10lbs to 3lbs. Peter MacGregor​​ had most of the action, plus a trout of over 1lb. The river was in good order and dropping nicely. 

Week 18-

15/6/20 A fish estimated in the mid teens was lost in the Falls Pool early on, dropper trouble for John Blake. The weather started misty but the sun broke through and the temperature rose to the low twenties. The river is running about 6" with a temperature of about 14 degrees. The anglers were out early, missed the hot bright part of the day and came out again during the evening. Nothing further was tempted. With the water dropping there are more signs of diseased fish below the falls.

16/6/20 Saw  the day start overcast with light winds from SSE, The sun broke through and the temperature rose. The river was running about 5" at a temperature of 15 degrees. Fresh fish were seen in the lower reaches of the river but none were tempted. Large numbers of trout were  rising to the hatch, some looked to be a reasonable size.

17/6/20 A similar day with the sun breaking through about 2pm, temperatures went from teens of degrees to the low twenties, the wind was light from a northerly direction. The river was down to about 4" with a temperature of 15 degrees. The disease is starting to be more obvious again, last week when the river was higher the diseased fish were not as obvious. There have been a couple of dead fish seen but these have shown signs of predation.

18/6/20 Another day of very bright conditions, high temperatures and light winds from the North East. The river has holding about 4" with the temperature of 16 degrees. James May, the Gamekeeper at Shurrert, reported fresh fish being reported in the loch. The first fish definitely caused by the disease was seen in the river. This was reported to Alan Youngson CSFB and the Fish Health Inspectorate and photographs were forwarded. 

19/6/20 Weather overcast, air temperature about 17 degrees, with light winds from the south east. The river was a hopefull 4" with a temperature of 16 degrees. Fish were seen entering the Sea Pool but none were tempted. I found a total of 7 further fish dead, all showing signs of the disease. I also found a dead trout that had fungus on it but no other signs of the disease. hopefully a natural occurrance, unrelated to the problem with the salmon.

20/6/20 Weather high cloud but bright, temperatures in the high teens with light to moderate winds from the North West. The river is running about 3" and 16 degrees. No further dead fish were seen but there are a number of sick fish in the river. Fish were seen in the area between The Leans and Sea Pools which did not appear to have signs of the disease.

Tim and Sue Hawes, Alexander Jappy, Mike Potts, Issac Potts, Tom Slaney and Aaron MacKenzie all tried hard to get some action at various times of the day, unfortunately with out success. John Blake was the only one to connect.  

Week 19, saw a week starting with thundery showers, which dropped the water temperature to 14 degrees and rise to 4". The river has remained between 3&4" all week but the temperature rose to 18 degrees. The weather during the week has been a mixture regularly starting with misty conditions, then bright with some light showers and air temperatures up to 24 degrees. The wind was from a variety of directions varying between light and fresh. The bright conditions were not ideal for fishing. There were grilse seen in the bay and coming into the river, a promising sight. Fresh fish were seen in the leans area. The week ended with more thundery showers and SE winds, misty with bright spells.


The river rose to 6" at the beginning of the week falling back as the week progressed. The water temperature varied between 14 and 17 degrees. The winds varied from non existent to moderate/fresh and went right round the compass during the week, the overheads have ranged from overcast to bright sunshine. An angler had hold of a grilse but just long enough for the weight to be felt. Nothing further was reported.  There are shoals of grilse splashing about in the bay and some have been seen in the lower pools of the river. The river rose on Sunday to about 1', there is further rain forecast so hopefully the river should hold a decent height this week.